Sebastian Junges

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I am a researcher and have been a PostDoc at UC Berkeley since March 2020. I am part of the Learn and Verify Group, headed by Sanjit Seshia.

Previously, I was a PhD student at RWTH Aachen University, under the supervision of Joost-Pieter Katoen. I defended my PhD thesis titled Parameter Synthesis in Markov Models (pdf) in February 2020.

You can reach me at sjunges?

Research Interest

I am broadly interested in the automatic analysis of critical systems. This interest includes both modelling and verification aspects. In particular, I am interested in the analysis of models that explicitly model uncertainty.

I often work with probabilstic model checkers and SAT/SMT solvers and analyze extensions of Markov decision processes (MDPs), in particular also parametric or partially observable MDPs. My research is largely driven by the development and implementation of algorithms.